Heather Whelan, MSc. P.Biol EP

Environmental Scientist

Email: hwhelan@chemistry-matters.com

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Heather Whelan brings her experience in contamination and reclamation liability to the Chemistry Matters team.

Heather Whelan is an environmental scientist, recognized for a proven track record of helping operators achieve regulatory closure through the development of outcome-driven approaches for assessment and certification of upstream oil and gas assets. In joining the Chemistry Matters team, she sees the opportunity to leverage the greatest strengths from all stages of her career.

Born and raised in Alberta, Heather has a Bachelor of Science, Cellular, Molecular, and Microbial Biology, from the University of Calgary and a Master of Science, Microbiology and Biotechnology, from the University of Alberta. Heather has always been driven to understand how microbes, which have the same basic biochemical building blocks as us, are so successful at altering and adapting to the world around them.
Heather began her professional career 20 years ago as a research scientist studying the molecular biology of soil microbes, she moved into biotechnology and eventually into environmental consulting. As an environmental professional, Heather is passionate about applying new and pragmatic ways to tackle the big problems related to contamination and reclamation liability.

Calgary is home to Heather and her family. When not working, you can find Heather in the mountains skiing or hiking, playing board games, walking her sheepdog, or reading.

What would be your advice to students starting in University looking to pursue a career like yours?

Study what interests you and remember that regardless of the subject matter, your education ought to help build a foundation to develop the skills needed for the remainder of your career: change agility, communication, and the ability to work on multi-disciplinary teams.

The environmental industry is a mosaic of different skills and backgrounds. No single subject can guarantee success, remember to invest in yourself, stay curious about other subjects, and keep an eye out for opportunities.

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