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Chemistry Matters has developed partnerships with companies and organizations to enhance the benefits we provide to our clients. Below, you can read about our partner relationships with AGAT Laboratories Ltd, Firestorm Consulting Group Inc. and Ridgeline Canada Inc.

AGAT Laboratories Ltd

As chemists working in the consulting world, we sometimes require custom analyses to meet our clients specialized needs. Chemistry Matters Inc. has developed a joint partnership agreement with AGAT laboratories Inc to provide these analyses as required. In addition, Chemistry Matters is proud to team with AGAT laboratories Inc. to be providing environmental forensics analysis of petroleum products and has developed an arson investigation laboratory.

Environmental forensics analysis of petroleum products allows Chemistry Matters to identify and distinguish between very similar petroleum products ranging from refined products (gasolines or diesels) to crude oil (from similar reservoirs). We use petroleum biomarkers and diagnostic ratios of marker compounds coupled as required with advanced statistical analysis to solve our clients most complex problems. Contact us to see what analysis we analysis we can provide to help determine the source of petroleum products.

The arson laboratory specializes in the analysis for presence and absence of ignitable liquid residues (ILRs), determination of the type of ignitable liquid used in the arson and can conduct specialized forensics analysis to determine the source of the liquids (commercial product). Chemistry Matters Inc. provides the chemistry consulting involved in the ILR analysis while AGAT provides all the laboratory supplies and services to conduct the analysis. The result is a seamless approach with unparalleled chemical analysis with advanced chemistry consulting services.

Firestorm Consulting Group Inc.

Chemistry Matters Inc is a proud Official Affiliate of FireStorm Consulting Group Inc. FireStorm Consulting Group Inc. is a leader in Forensic Fire | Arson | Explosion Investigation as well as a premier provider of Emergency and Protective Services consultation. From first responder training through to policy development to origin & cause investigations, their network of staff are able to tackle any sized projects.

“FireStorm Consulting Group Inc.’s Fire | Arson | Explosion Investigation Division began working with Chemistry-Matters in early 2015 for forensic testing and analysis of fire debris collected as evidence in fire origin and cause investigations. Dr. Sandau’s team have proven themselves to be reliable, thorough professionals dedicated to employing best practices and methods in forensic testing and analysis of ignitable liquid residue (ILR) in fire debris and organic samples provided to them as part of forensic evidence collection by FireStorm investigators. FireStorm is confident in the results being provided and the methods employed by Chemistry-Matters. Dr. Sandau and his team have gone so far as to provide FireStorm Investigators a better understanding through educating of the testing process and methods used by Chemistry-Matters by taking a literal a walk-through of the laboratory and equipment used, including the interpretation process of results generated from testing. FireStorm Consulting Group Inc. is looking forward continued success in our relationship with Chemistry-Matters.”

R.A. John McDermott, IAAI-FIT, SCO (Fire), MIAAI
President & Chief Executive Officer
FireStorm Consulting Group Inc

Ridgeline Canada Inc.

Rideline Canada Inc and Chemistry Matters Inc have developed a partnership agreement to provide our clients with the benefits and services of both companies to our clients. Ridgeline Canada is a leader in Western Canada in routine environmental consulting services and emergency spill response with offices across Alberta and Saskatchewan. Chemistry Matters provides integrated support for all specialty consulting requirements. The seamless teaming between RCI and CMI provide our clients with the best of both worlds.

One of the specialty joint services is the RCI and CMI approach to gas migration and surface casing vent monitoring. With our partnership, we can cover these services across western Canada and provide unparalleled geoforensic consulting to identify sources of gases and liquids from the sub-surface.

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