Steve Shideler, MSc, BIT

Environmental Data Analyst


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Steve Shideler brings his passion for applying scientific knowledge and experience with big data to the Chemistry Matters team.

Steve Shideler is and Environmental Data Analyst with Chemistry Matters. He holds a BSc in Biological Sciences with a focus in environmental and pathogenic microbiology, as well as an MSc in Microbiology, Infectious Diseases – both from the University of Calgary.

Previously, Steve studied business 20 years ago, and worked in international business development in Asia for ten years, alongside top business executives for LG, Samsung, Doosan, and other multinationals. Then he returned to Canada to pursue education in science. He pursued science to apply knowledge to solving problems in his community. He is passionate about applying scientific knowledge to solving real world problems and communicating science within his community through volunteering and science outreach.

Steve’s specialties are in handling big data, from his experience with handling terabytes of data from whole genome sequencing, and synthetic molecular genetics techniques in a laboratory, along with project management. He has developed biological sensors for the detection of naphthenic acids in oil sands wastewater.

Why Chemistry Matters?

Chemistry Matters provides me the perfect opportunity to apply my business experience with scientific knowledge to critically analyze data to provide an essential service that serves to hold our energy industry to its high standard of environmental compliance.

MSteve has four first author manuscripts in the works at various stages of publication, and on target for publication this year (2020). His currently has Four genome papers (2nd author) published in American Society of Microbiology (ASM).

Steve was born in Calgary and raised in mostly in Alberta. When not working, you can find Steve either on the hiking trail with his family, at home reading, or playing around with his boys.

What would be your advice to students starting in University looking to pursue a career like yours?

While technical skills in a science laboratory are great, don’t forget to work on professional development. Soft skills like project management, collaboration and communication are not only essential in a laboratory / academic environment, but they are valuable for a transition into industry.

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