Jan Czarnecki

Jan Czarnecki, BSc, PAg

Project Manager/Data Analyst

Email: jczarnecki@chemistry-matters.com

Jan Czarnecki, B.Sc, P.Ag., is a Project Manager / Data Analyst with Chemistry Matters Inc. Jan has a B.Sc in Environmental Science with a concentration in Chemistry from the University of Calgary. His specialties include environmental risk assessment, subsoil salinity tool, site assessment & remediation, and remediation & risk management options analyses.

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Jan Czarnecki, BSc, P.Ag, brings more than sixteen years of experience to the Chemistry Matters team as a Project Manager / Data Analyst.  Jan has a B.Sc in Environmental Science with a concentration in Chemistry from the University of Calgary and is a practicing professional member of the Alberta Institute of Agrologists. His specialties include environmental risk assessment, site assessment and remediation and risk management options analyses. In addition, Jan brings his knowledge of the subsoil salinity tool and Tier 2 modifications.

As a consultant, Jan built a specialized team to execute environmental risk assessment for non-routine projects, mentored staff in data evaluation, and worked on the most technically challenging oil and gas environmental projects.  He also developed the inorganics justification and pre-approval processes and standards for AER submissions.

In University, he studied the effects of the sour gas industry in southern Alberta on the geochemistry and the isotopic composition of water samples from the Castle River watershed and drainage system. His studies also included the effects of human-induced disturbance on vegetation, wildlife, and air and water quality patterns within the Kananaskis Region. Jan also studied the long-term effects of herbicide use on soil organic matter, particle size, and biotic properties on a southern Alberta grassland ecosystem.

Jan was born and raised in Calgary. When he is not working, you can find Jan with his wife and daughter in the mountains skiing, hiking, or camping.

Why Chemistry Matters?

“The organization has a great reputation in the environmental consulting industry, works on unique and challenging projects, and develops very interesting applications for environmental data analysis.”

What would be your advice to students starting in University looking to pursue a career like yours?

“Take the time to really find out what you are genuinely interested in and passionate about in the environmental field, whether it’s chemistry, geology, physics, or engineering.”

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