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Chemistry Matters is a boutique environmental and chemistry consultancy firm.  We have in depth knowledge and experience on chemicals and their their interaction with humans and the environment and can help with all your chemistry related projects. Our primary services include environmental forensic investigations, geoforensic investigations, biomonitoring and arson investigations as well as expert services for related litigious cases.

In addition to our primary services, Chemistry Matters offers a variety of niche environmental and chemistry consulting services on a project by project basis.

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Geoforensics explores gas migration near wells that have been abandoned or are scheduled for abandonment and helps to characterize gases or liquids in targeted geological formations. Chemistry Matters offers collection, analysis, and characterization of gases and liquids from the subsurface. This data helps solve issues of gas migration, soil gas migration, liquid vent flows and characterizes oil and gas bearing zones. Our team works on projects examine routine water chemistry, extended metals analysis, gas compositions, stable and radioactive isotopes and nobel gases as part of our geoforensic investigations.

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Environmental Forensics

Chemistry Matters provides services that allow us to determine where contamination came from and when it was released into the environment using chemical fingerprinting and statistical data analysis.  Some of the projects that benefit from environmental forensics include oil spills (PAHs, PHCs, petroleum biomarkers) and environmental releases (PCBs, PCDD/Fs, PAHs, nitrates, extended metals).

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Arson Investigations

Chemistry Matters Inc. provides state of the art analysis and consulting for detection of ignitable liquid residues (ILRs) for arson investigations and arsonous wildfire investigations.

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Chemistry Matters provides the expertise to design reliable sampling strategies, conduct field sampling programs, and interpret and analyze chemical results to assess environmental impacts as well as wildlife and human exposure to contaminants.  As part of our process, Chemistry Matters considers both control and reference samples imperative for successful monitoring programs. Chemistry Matters has conducted biomonitoring studies on human exposure to PCBs or PCDD/Fs, polar bear exposure to POPs, and fish exposure to PAHs and PHCs.

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Expert Services

Chemistry Matters provides expert-level services founded on chemistry principles and proper application of scientific methods. As such, the Chemistry Matters team provides expert support to projects involving litigious or contentious subjects.

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