Community Involvement

Carbon Neutral

Chemistry Matters is committed to social initiatives that improve the quality of life and ensures the long-term sustainability of both the communities we work in and the environment we study.

As part of our commitment to social responsibility, Chemistry Matters purchased 200 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions to help offset the carbon footprint of our company, our staff and our families.

The option to purchase carbon credits as a means to give back to the machine we make our living from was an easy decision given the disproportionate amount of energy consumed living in North America.

After researching carbon credit programs worldwide, our team shared a personal connection for The CookStove Project, organized by Climate Friendly, an Australian based program. The carbon offsets we purchased help reduce the toll of traditional wooden stoves used by indigenous people and developing nations in South America and Africa. These communities are often exposed to dangerous PAHs from their traditional cooking practices and the CookStove Project with reduce those exposures and reduce CO2 production.

Our experience in the field, has reinforced just how critical it is for businesses to take an active role in helping to preserve the environment. As a carbon neutral company, Chemistry Matters acknowledges our impact on the environment and actively strives to reduce unnecessary interactions to help preserve our natural habitat.

CAUSE Canada 

Chemistry Matters contributes to Cause Canada – an international relief and development agency that provides primary health care, water, sanitation, education, reforestation, and micro-enterprise projects in West Africa and Central America. We first learned of CAUSE Canada when Court’s daughter began raising money for a number of their initiatives. We saw it as a way to connect with the greater global community as well as a way to support our family and friends.

Mothers for Midwifery Bursary 

Chemistry Matters offers a yearly bursary awarded to a full-time student enrolled in the Bachelor of Midwifery program at Mount Royal University. This bursary supports mothers in financial need so they do not need to choose between parenting and working on top of studying for the program.  This is a passion project of Court Sandau and his wife whom also practices midwifery.

Alberta Children’s Hospital 

Despite 4 young, healthy, children, Court Sandau has spent more time at the Alberta Children’s Hospital than he would have liked and is grateful for the service and attention The Alberta Children’s Hospital has provided to his young family. The Alberta Children’s Hospital is a world-class facility dedicated to improving the health and well-being of young Albertans. Chemistry Matters contributes to the Alberta Children’s Hospital by investing in research, equipment, and family centred care services.

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