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Chemistry Matters is a team of experts who provide solid scientific data and consulting for complex litigious chemistry issues. From sample collection to data analysis, the Chemistry Matters team ensures that the entire process is performed correctly. With data and findings that hold up to legal scrutiny, Chemistry Matters helps litigators confidently build their case.

As part of the expert witness testimony and support services, Chemistry Matters assists attorneys and clients by:

  • Determining & implementing appropriate data quality objectives
  • Developing defensible legal sampling plans
  • Handling sample collection & documentation to meet legal standards
  • Training government and other investigative agencies on proper legal sampling procedures
  • Conducting statistical analysis (univariate and multivariate analysis) and data interpretation
  • Providing data visualization to effectively communicate results
  • Explaining & communicating complex results in understandable language for judiciary proceedings or public forums

Chemistry Matters specializes in:

The Chemistry Matters team provides expert services in a number of chemicals and contaminants related to these services including petroleum hydrocarbons, PAHs, Dioxins, Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs), Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) and others.

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Projects & Case History

Chemistry Matters has provided litigation and expert witness support to many cases that included legal sampling, data validation and interpretation, and expert witness testimony. Projects have included:

Sampling & Analysis:

Data Interpretation & Validation:

  • Validate data gathered and review opposing counsel data various legal cases
  • Interpret biomonitoring data for various legal cases

Expert Support & Testimony:

  • Serve as plaintiff expert for toxicology case, including investigating exposure and impact of contamination through biomonitoring
  • Develop expert reports and testify on fundamentals of PCDD/Fs and fingerprinting PCDD/Fs for case regarding source of contaminants
  • Sampling, reporting and testimony for various North American arsonous wildfire cases
  • Provide expert opinion on persistent organic pollutant (POP) measurements for class action lawsuits

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