Cenovus Case Study

Chemistry Matters Inc. was retained by Cenovus Energy Inc to conduct a soil gas investigation to address allegations that Cenovus activities were resulting in environmental impacts on a local resident’s property. Lead scientist, Dr. Court Sandau, developed a sampling and analytical strategy to examine gas migration which conclusively determined that Cenovus activities were not responsible for any environmental impacts on the property.

Surface Casing Vent Leaks – Geochemistry

Nobody likes to talk about them but many of our current and future clients have them. The vaguely regulated surface casing vent fluid leaks. What to do about them? We have been working with our clients to provide support for monitoring, sampling and determining the sources of surface casing vent fluids (both gases and liquids). We have developed proprietary sampling and monitoring systems that allow us to collect representative samples which can then be analyzed for specific marker compounds and/or isotopes to allow source determination.

Biomonitoring of Human Exposure to Environmental Contaminants

Assessing exposure of humans (or wildlife) to environmental contaminants is completed by biomonitoring programs. These programs start with the collection of samples which are then analyzed for generally very low concentrations of contaminants. These programs require strong experimental design to provide the required data quality measures for validation. Once collected and data has been received interpretation depends on comparison of the concentrations measured in your target population being compared to good reference samples or concentrations .