What is Forensic Chemistry Consulting, Anyway?

I am always fascinated with the use of the latest analytical chemistry techniques in solving unique environmental, geochemical, and arson cases and projects. My interest in these techniques coincides with this also being the ‘golden age’ of analytical chemistry. Analytical chemistry has recently developed so extensively that we are now…
2DGC output for gasoline samples

2DGC: Why You Need to Know about this Niche Analytical Technique

You may have heard about an analytical technique called 2DGC or Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography. Or perhaps you have not. I have been talking about for years to anyone who would listen. Put simply, this technique is an advanced analytical technique that allows us to measure more within our samples, even in very complex samples. It is not a regulatory method, and it’s not for routine work, but here is why you should be interested in it.
Organize samples for the lab

6 Ideas to Make a Flawless Transfer of Chain of Custody to the Lab

Imagine This… You have just finished a very large field program.  You must have collected nearly 100 samples, all different matrices (water, soil, sediment, product samples), and multiple analyses are needed.  You have COCs (chain of custody forms) filled out for everything, and you are driving over to the laboratory…