AGAT Science and Technology Talks 2017 (Edmonton)

Chemistry Matters will present "Using an Effective Method for Differentiation, Where Does Toluene Come From?"

The AGAT Science and Technology Talks is an annual event that brings together professionals in environmental, energy, industrial and health and safety sectors. The event is an opportunity to learn, discuss and present challenges in the industry.

This year’s Edmonton event is taking place on February 3, 2017. Chemistry Matters will be joining to present the talk “Using an Effective Method for Differentiation, Where Does Toluene Come From: Petrogenic Families and Biogenic Loners?”


Specific ecological niches support the accumulation of biologically formed toluene. The presence of this biogenic toluene in environmental samples can confound remedial investigations of petroleum impacts.

Distinguishing the origin of toluene in a way that is acceptable to regulatory bodies is possible with the application of established arson analysis methodology and forensic data interpretation methods. Chemistry Matters and the AGAT Forensic Laboratory have applied this methodology successfully for the demonstration of biogenic toluene at a number of wetland investigation sites.

This presentation will explain the operation of the method and how it is applied in the environmental field for the defensible determination of the origin of toluene.


Join AGAT Laboratories, Chemistry Matters and more professionals at this annual industry event.

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