Isotope 101 – AER in-house Presentation

Dr. Sandau to present Isotopes 101 to AER

Dr. Court Sandau is presenting a primer seminar called “Isotope 101” to the AER on Friday November 16, 2018.  Presentation will cover fundamentals of isotope analysis and what isotopes can be used for in environmental analysis.  A large portion of the presentation will cover gas isotopes and how they can be used to distinguish the sources of gases using specific case studies.  In addition, the use of isotopes for sourcing liquids and gases from the subsurface will be discussed, especially for the identification of fluids from surface casing vents and gas migration (stray gas) investigations.  With over 86 million cubic meters of methane leaking from Alberta gas wells and with over 150 wells leaking within urban areas in Alberta, the identification of methane using precise and confident geoforensics techniques cannot be more important in dealing with these potential environmental liabilities.