MDCW 2021 – Keynote GCxGC Presentation – Widespread adoption of comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (GC×GC) in industry – What are we waiting for?

Michelle Misselwitz of Chemistry Matters Inc. will deliver the keynote presentation on GCxGC, written with Dr. Court Sandau.  The talk will occur at 12:25PM (MST) on February 2, 2021.


The utility of GC×GC for research endeavors has been well characterized. The increased peak separation, structured chromatograms, and sensitivity enhancement is advantageous for detailed chemical characterization of complex samples. Although many industrial samples could benefit from GC×GC analysis (e.g., petroleum, food, environmental, cannabis, pharmaceutical) the shift from research to industry has been slow. As in the past, any leap in technology can take time. Industry requires instrumentation that is robust, cost effective, and produces reliable results. Early adopters of GC×GC in industry have validated methods proving it is both robust and reliable, and agree that it is a worthwhile investment to analyze products in a way not previously possible. This keynote presentation will showcase the successful implementation of GC×GC in industry and aims to answer the question; what are we waiting for?