Mount Royal Science & Technology Research Day Keynote

Dr. Court Sandau gave the keynote presentation at the 2017 Mount Royal Science & Technology Day

Mount Royal University hosted their 4th annual Science & Technology Day to celebrate student research and stimulate discussion across scientific disciplines.

As a Calgary-native and established chemist, Dr. Court Sandau was asked to present as the event’s keynote speaker.

The event kicked off with Court’s talk “Arson: The Science of Fire and Chemical fingerprints left behind” on April 5th, 2017. A full day of presentations followed.


Arson: The Science of Fire and Chemical fingerprints left behind

Wildfires are becoming more frequent, severe and damaging as climate change causes earlier snow melts and drier conditions. And while forest fires can be caused by nature, most are caused by humans.  Fire investigators are charged with the task of determining the origin and causes of a wildfire.

Fire investigations require the highest quality of sampling, legal chain of custody, and testing & interpretation of ignitable liquid residues (ILRs). As a result, an ideal fit for this role is a chemist/scientist with an in-depth understanding of field programs’ and sample analysis’ impact on results.

This presentation will explore the chemistry behind wildfire investigations from field work to a courtroom setting.


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