Oh, the Samples You’ll Run and Things you will See GCxGC Analysis is Definitely for me! – AGAT TechTalks 2021

AGAT TechTalks 2021

Dr. Court Sandau will be presenting Oh, the Samples You’ll Run and Things you will See GCxGC Analysis is Definitely for me! on March 9, 2021 as part of AGAT’s TechTalks 2021. The presentation will take place at 8:30AM MST on March 9, 2021.


Although multidimensional gas chromatography (GCxGC) is celebrating 30 years of existence, it still has not achieved the role the early adopters had imagined. Change is difficult and there are always things that hold back new technology from full implementation. For GCxGC, those last remaining barriers are being broken down. New applications of GCxGC are being developed regularly in the fields of petroleomics, environmental forensics, aroma profiling, cannabis analysis, breath analysis and metabolomics.

This presentation will cover the fundamentals of GCxGC analysis in how it works and will discuss the more common applications where this technique can be applied both in the literature and in litigious matters. These include petroleomics for oil characterization, petroleum fingerprinting for oil spills and other free product releases, as well as crude oil weathering. The main advantages of this technique will be illustrated with examples to demonstrate to benefits of using this type of analysis. The final barrier of use is how to handle the data that is available with each analysis and how to compare multiple samples. These are the primary areas focussed on in current research and will be overcome in short order.

GCxGC analysis can be used on any complex mixture analysis to help find signal in matrix or resolve all peaks in product samples. It is ideally suited for chemical fingerprinting providing the most information possible from any analysis. GCxGC can be used in place any routine method, providing fully comparable results, but allow the user to explore the untargeted and unmonitored components of the mixtures.