Western Regulatory Forum (WRF): Suspended and Abandoned Wells Workshop

Chemistry Matters has been invited to provide industry knowledge at the WRF workshop on suspended and abandoned wells.

The Western Regulatory Forum (WRF) is seeking guidance from industry experts for rules and practices related to suspended and abandoned wells.

Chemistry Matters is invited to this workshop to provide technical knowledge and operational experience on the use of geoforensics. We’ll be advising the WRF’s Well Integrity Subcommittee (WIS) on isotope sample collection and interpretation for diagnosing suspended and abandoned wells.

The goal of the workshop is to capture this industry knowledge to implement new practices and technology for enhanced outcomes with well suspensions and abandonments.

Dr. Court Sandau will be attending along with other experts and oil & gas energy industry regulators. Regulators are joining from Saskatchewan, Alberta (AER), British Columbia (BC OGC) and the National Energy Board (NEB).