Chemistry Matters has extensive experience with the sampling, chemical analysis, and interpretation of chemistry data for a variety of chemicals and contaminants as part of geoforensic investigations, environmental forensics investigations, arson investigations and biomonitoring.

Below is a list of chemicals which the Chemistry Matters experts have studied and worked with extensively. We have lead investigations, advised clients, provided expert testimony and published academic book chapters and scientific journal articles for the chemicals listed below.

Chemistry Matters understands the specific needs and nuances of working with each chemical. We ensure that the process – from sampling to data analysis – is all performed correctly so you have solutions and conclusive results for even the most complex or litigious chemistry issues.

Chemicals within Our Expertise

Gas Migration

Oil Spill Investigations

Chemical Residues Involved in Arson Investigations

  • Ignitable Liquid Residues (ILRs)
  • Gasoline Fingerprinting
  • Petroleum Fingerprinting

Biomonitoring: Other

Groundwater Contamination Investigations

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