Life of a Fire Investigation Seminar

Dr. Court Sandau is presenting for the Fire Investigation Association of Alberta. This two-hour seminar is on the Forensic Laboratory Analysis and Process.

firerescueedmontonOn Thursday, September 24, Dr. Court Sandau is presenting for the Fire Investigation Association of Alberta as part of their “Life of a Fire Investigation Seminar”. The instructional two-hour seminar will be on Forensic Laboratory Analysis and Process. The presentation will cover the fundamental principals of the laboratory side of the analysis and interpretation so that fire investigators know how their work can impact an investigation in both positive and negative fashion. The fire investigators will acquire a fundamental understanding of the compounds and the matrices they are sampling for during their investigations so that they can understand how their work can aid the laboratory in getting reliable results that can stand up to legal scrutiny. Dr. Sandau looks forward to presenting the chemistry of ignitable liquid residue analysis is an easy to understand fashion so all participants leave with a good understanding of what happens to the samples once they are dropped off in the lab.

Dr. Sandau is an expert witness consulting on chemistry since 2004 and has been conducting interpretation of ignitable liquid residue (ILRs) for arson investigations since 2009. He has been involved in multiple legal cases that depended on his expertise in legal sampling and expert witness testimony.

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