SPE/CSGM Gas Migration Challenges – Identification and Treatment Workshop

Gas Migration (Surface Casing Vent Flows – SCVF, Sustained Casing Pressure – SCP, Sustained Annular Pressure – SAP) challenges have been present in the oil and gas industry since its inception. These challenges include drilling, casing and cementing designs, completion techniques, operating area and age of wellbore.

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Court Sandau will be present at this workshop on the topic of “Characterizing the source zones for surface casing vent leaks“. You can view the abstract here.

Chemistry Matters will be presenting in session 3, from 13:30-15:00

Session 3: Monitoring Methods and Flow Dynamics
Session Chairpersons: Hassan Kohzadi, GNP; Joel Nealon, Roke
Upon detection of Surface Casing Vent Flow (SCVF), testing and continuous monitoring of the flow dynamic parameters can provide crucial information. This session will cover flow dynamics along with the application and benefits of real time.
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