Peace River – Baytex Reno Field Emission Studies

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Peace River – Baytex Reno Field Emission Studies & Ambient Air Sampling Program from Chemistry Matters Inc.

This presentation summarizes the findings of an air emissions and odour sampling program conducted on the Baytex Reno Field. The data was collected in response to local resident complaints of odours in the area. The study collected samples using industry standard procedures and analyzed by state of the art analytical equipment. The results showed that no human health effects were exceeded and that no odour thresholds were exceeded.

This study exemplifies how odours may be detected even though the standard analytical practices are not able to measure the odiferous compounds. PAHs were measured in the study and show a petrogenic ligher signature present the ambient air in the region as well as diesel markers from the trucking activity. This summary report was presented on January 22, 2014 to the Peace River AER Public Proceeding (1769924).

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