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Chemistry Matters provides niche environmental and chemistry consulting services for contentious or litigious matters. Our small business enterprise delivers the expertise and personal attention to detail needed to get the project done right. Our primary areas of focus are environmental forensics investigations and expert witness & litigation support involving specific areas of expertise. These litigation support areas include:

There was a bumper sticker from the SETAC conference in the mid-1990s that stated, “What in the world isn’t chemistry?”. This statement and truism has drawn the expertise of Chemistry Matters into many other project areas.  If it is a chemistry question, feel free to contact Chemistry Matters for guidance, as we may be able to help you.

For more information on Chemistry Matters, please visit our BLOG, visit Dr. Court Sandau’s LinkedIn page or view Chemistry Matters presentations on SlideShare.

  • Court is a thorough and detailed professional chemist who has been able to co-ordinate our acquisition of general and unique chemistry within an enhanced oil recovery area. His forensic quality work has allowed us to investigate many concepts from reservoir to surface.
    Larry Freeman, Senior Staff Production Engineer, Cenovus Energy
  • Dr. Sandau is a key partner and technical resource. We have several years of project sharing and partnering together and his Global expertise is a crucial resource. Court is the go to resource for Expert advice, testimony, advice pertaining to complex issues related to the Energy sector. His toxicological and chemistry expertise makes him a sought out resource globally. Court is as comfortable speaking to a field crew as he is speaking on a global stage of his peers. His expertise is unique; leading edge and most importantly current with the issues of the day!
    Don Wood - Director Development - AB,NWT,SK, Hemmera
  • "Dr. Sandau was one of the best presenters I've seen at a science café yet!"
    Science Cafe Attendee comment - TELUS Spark, the new Science Centre, Calgary
  • "This really exposed us to some of the complexities of the topic."
    Science Cafe Attendee comment - TELUS Spark, the new Science Centre, Calgary
  • "I appreciated the opportunity to hear diverse perspectives voiced respectfully with a good overview of the topic."
    Science Cafe Attendee comment - TELUS Spark, the new Science Centre, Calgary
  • "I thought these speakers were the best so far. They were engaging and had a good grasp on how to speak to the audience (not too much jargon) and what would be interesting to listen to."
    Science Cafe Attendee comment - TELUS Spark, the new Science Centre, Calgary
  • "Dr. Court Sandau's perspective and talk were the most interesting part of tonight's discussion"
    Science Cafe Attendee comment - TELUS Spark, the new Science Centre, Calgary
  • I have used Court extensively on our brownfield remediation project. Court's technical expertise, along with his strategy and project planning ideas, have helped make our project a success. I recommend Court and his Trium team.
    Nathan Boskers, P.Eng. - VP, Springwood Land Corporation
  • Court and I worked together on a metering and measurement project for a mature oil field in Yemen. Court developed a novel approach to measuring water cut on very high water cut oil wells (in excess of 98%) that met the objectives of the program and is still in use today. Court and his team were professional, innovative, and demonstrated industry leading service to our team in Yemen. I look forward to working with Court again!
    Tony Berthelet - District Director, Northwest at TAQA
  • Court is a very thorough consultant with a keen eye for detail. He is very receptive to ideas and recommendations. He has a keen interest in analytical chemistry and forensics and is willing to share ideas to solve challenging issues. He is extremely knowledgeable about quality control and has developed quality sytems to protect his client's liability. Court has extensive experience as an expert witness so knows what it takes to do the job correctly. In short, Court thinks outside the box and as a result is very successful in his endeavors. He has also developed a network of professionals which can assist in tackling any problem.
    Deib Birkholz - GM NA Centre of Excellence at ALS Environmental
  • Court is a very detail-oriented scientist with extreme expertise in the evaluation of analytical data. His personality and ability to explain difficult analytical concepts make him an excellent resource and a solid testifying expert.
    Paul Nony - Senior Toxicologist/Major Projects Team at CTEH