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Welcome to Chemistry Matters

Chemistry Matters, led by Dr. Court Sandau, PhD, P. Chem, is a team of scientific professionals who provide services and expertise that solves complex environmental and geochemistry challenges.  From the field to the court room, Chemistry Matters offers years of relevant scientific expertise in sampling design, specialty sampling, customized sampling procedures, statistical data interpretation, and concise reporting to conduct successful investigations that protect our clients’ liability while providing scientifically defensible conclusions.

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Part II: Are Your Surface Casing Vent Flows 'Show'ers or 'Flow'ers?Last week, we presented a problem with regard to “peek-a-boo” SCVs, where data results are inconsistent at best. Because of this variability in the ‘show’ers, the standard test may not capture the event appropriately. As prefaced in last week’s post, your data shows periodic flow and no buildup pressure. The well will fail the bubble test, ...
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Speaking Engagement: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) with Court Sandau
Course provides comprehensive coverage of many aspects of PAHs from fundamentals to advanced knowledge and usage of PAH data. Dr. Sandau, one of the speakers and member of the ACPA Board of Directors, will be giving a two-day course on PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) for the Association of the Chemical Profession of Alberta (ACPA). Read Court’s full bio here, or visit the event detail page here. For further information, please see the course flyer and speaker biographies. When: November 9th & 10th in Calgary, Alberta. More Details & Tickets: See the ACPA website for more details
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Characterizing the Source Zones for Surface Casing Vent Leaks

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