Chemistry Matters continues to expand our services and expertise in the fields of environmental forensics and chemical source apportionment.  We have advanced our own customized approach and have developed software to aid in its visualization and communication.  We hope to release the software for others to use in the future with our partner company Statvis Analytics Inc.  We continue to work with our clients to identify origin of gases from gas migration studies and determining sources of fluids from surface casing vents using different geoforensics techniques. We are continuing to advance the science of analysis of ignitable liquid residues as part of Arson investigations and forensics analysis for litigious matters. 

Chemistry Matters has formed strategic partnerships with key companies such as AGAT Laboratories Ltd, Firestorm Consulting Group Inc., Statvis Analytics Inc, and SME Response Group to help full service and to help solve complex problems for our clients.

Throughout the year, we’ve conducted a breadth of research and posted blogs in an effort to educate and inform on the topics of Geoforensics, Environmental Forensics, Arson Investigations and Biomonitoring. We have included below a list of our recent blogs, slideshare presentations and case studies for your perusal.  Please let us know what you think about them via posting comments or sending us an email.

The Chemistry Matters Team

The Chemistry Matters team provides ‎an unmatched technical consulting service. Beginning with the development of a well-thought-out and science-based work scope, ‎Chemistry Matters provides insightful data analysis and data presentation that illuminates the material aspects and eliminates the noise.

– Tom Knapik, Manager, Environment & Compliance Plains Midstream Canada

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The Chemistry Matters team is a key partner and technical resource. We have several years of project sharing and partnering together… Court is the go-to resource for expert advice, testimony, and advice pertaining to complex issues in the energy sector. His toxicological and chemistry expertise makes him a highly sought after resource globally.

Don Wood, Vice President Development, SME Response Group

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