Chemistry Matters Services

Chemistry Matters is a team of experts who handle complex and litigious investigations involving arson, environmental forensics, geoforensics and biomonitoring. Assisting with oil & gas industry projects or issues constitute a large portion of Chemistry Matters’ activities.

Chemistry Matters is involved with risk mitigation, crisis management and operational improvements throughout upstream, midstream and downstream.

Expert Services

Chemistry Matters provides expert support to projects involving litigious or contentious subjects. These expert-level services are founded on chemistry principles and proper application of scientific methods. As part of the expert witness testimony and support, the Chemistry Matters team handles a number of services to meet legal standards.

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Geoforensic Investigations

Solve issues of gas migration, soil gas migration, liquid vent flows and characterize oil and gas bearing zones.

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Arson Investigations

Determine presence, absence and forensic identification of sources of ignitable liquid residues for arson investigations.

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Environmental Forensics

Determine source and timing of contaminant releases in the environment.

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Assess environmental impacts as well as wildlife and human exposure to contaminants.

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Chemistry Matters, led by Dr. Court Sandau, PhD, is a team of scientific professionals who provide services and expertise that solves complex environmental and geochemistry challenges.  From the field to the court room, Chemistry Matters offers years of relevant scientific expertise in sampling design, specialty sampling, customized sampling procedures, statistical data interpretation, and concise reporting to conduct successful investigations that protect our clients’ liability while providing scientifically defensible conclusions.

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